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Freight transportation, warehousing and distribution, supply chain solutions – we cover it all. The smooth exchange of goods and information and logistics solutions was measured as a critical success factor. It improves not only the flow of goods but allow for greater productivity. It reduces costs and provide opportunities for strategic investments in other sectors of the company. VAS CARGO is your partner for logistics solutions, which are smoothly fit into your company concept. An innovative approach to the market and striving to deliver the goods in the shortest possible time, it makes you  VAS CARGO desirable business partner. For successful operation of the company is necessary mutual trust, high organization and striving towards improving the logistics system. Our sales representatives interact daily with more than 1000 business partners, such as customers suppliers. Logistics services VAS CARGO firm dedicated to clients who are managing the supply chain within its own system want part or in whole to relocate and entrusted it to us to minimize costs and optimize business processes. Our logistics services include

Transportation Control

storage management

Inventory Management

Information Management

Activities during the movement of goods and information from your suppliers to your customers are many. They require considerable time and engage your funds. Certainly, a number of activities you can let our experts. In this way, lowering your operating costs and have more time to engage in their own, the core activity. Upon review and analysis of your business processes, we have our logistics solutions that reduce your costs. Then, together we can do for the organization of logistics activities, and then at the controls of the optimization solutions. The end result of our logistics service is the competitive level of service our customers through market making available the required goods at the right time, the right place, in the required amount, with the quality and price and accurate information relating to the goods.