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Our company has realized that one of the important factors of the ultimate cost of the goods the cost of transport of goods, which indirectly affects the competitive position in the market.

Each company is in a dilemma whether to organize transport within the company or hire carriers for that reason we were free to send an offer.

The company “Vas Cargo” Mladenovac in its fleet has vehicles of different capacity.

The company “Vas Cargo” offers the following types of services of goods transport:

Direct transport-

Transportation of goods and things one mode of transport “door to door” which saves time and money because there is no additional loading, mixing and repackaging of goods with other goods in the same transport vehicle.

Collective transport-

Transportation of goods and things can be organized on the principle of reloading, return for a full load and return trips. So save your money, and while you have the ability to transport small quantities of goods at a time when it suits you.

In the hope of the future and the successful cooperation



Zorica Gajic